The CBC App is the best time saver that allows educators to be where they should be – with the children, not buried under paperwork!

The simplicity of the CBC App makes it very easy for teachers to start using it. The interface is user-friendly and it only takes a few demonstrations for teachers to use the App effectively. A great deal of thought goes into the design of the CBC App to reflect the needs of schools and how they operate, and that is evident based on the response we have gotten from teachers, administrators, and even parents.

Undoubtedly, the most significant impact of using the CBC App is on time saved by teachers and information organization. For instance, through digitizing the process of formative assessments, the App has dramatically lessened the work of teachers, making it possible for them to enjoy their work again. Management will often hear statements like:

“It’s amazing how quickly I can do assessments and get back to teaching my children.”

“To have all the rubrics and the students to be assessed organized in one place has made assessing and documenting student learning so easy and enjoyable for me.”

Also, regarding the end-term report preparation and sharing, we have had several schools confess to taking several days up to a week! Thanks to the CBC App’s automation, it has been a joy to witness the elation of teachers effortlessly preparing said reports in a couple of hours, knowing that they no longer have to shave off time of their holidays to come back to school to do the same.  

Happy parents, thanks to CBC App Reports. 

The CBC App creates highly insightful end-of-term reports, including in-depth formative assessment data and summative assessment scores. These have helped parents better appreciate their child’s learning journey throughout the term. Here is a direct quote from a school manager:

“Am pleased to report that the parents are thrilled and are quite happy with the analysis done by the App, especially the sub-strand analysis per subject. This has brought a new revelation to parents that a child cannot be weak in the whole subject but only several sub-strands where mitigation measures can be implemented to improve on the same. We feel proud to be associated with you as a school, and likewise, the parents who got the reports are proud to be associated with our Academy.”

The fact that the reports are being sent out via SMS/email and accessed via a secure link has made it easier for both the school and parents. 

“The new reports are comprehensive and easier to access now via email. I’m a happy parent!”

Cost savings

In one of the schools we work with, the school head said that the cost of the assessment books they used was high because they needed two copies per learner. And if a household had more than one child, the cost would be more. But because the CBC App has all the approved KICD rubrics and the flexibility to create new ones, their prices have significantly reduced. 

Also, before schools purchased the CBC App, they would print their end-term report forms. Printing costs have been eliminated since they can send the reports via SMS and email. 

Greater accountability 

The App has empowered managers to become more efficient assessors of their teachers’ work through the available data and insights produced by the App. Headteachers and administrators have been able to track teachers doing well and thus appropriately commend them. As for those that aren’t, they can have proper, directed conversations about where the problem could be and address it. 

Here are a couple of other testimonials from several school heads and administrators:

“This App I can’t say enough incredible things about it! It is easy to use, and they are improving and making an already fantastic App even better.”

Lucy, Administrator

“Above all, the communication and customer service have been second to none. We feel valued as we have been asked for our input and ideas, which have been listened to. With this company attitude, this App will get bigger and even better than it already is, making it a solid investment for any school.”

Aelene, Administrator

“The feedback I received from all the teaching staff was very positive. I think the fact that more and more teachers want to use The CBC App is a testament to the positive effect the App is having on their work.”

Mary, School Head

“The tech support has been overwhelmingly amazing. Very prompt, friendly, and always very willing to help troubleshoot whenever we are in need.”

Leah, Director

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