Our Story

A short story of our existence and vision

We spent a lot of time in 2019 training teachers on innovation. We held training sessions with titles such as ‘Beyond Direct Instruction’, where we challenged teachers to go beyond their usual methods, to help students reach their potential using the resources at their disposal.

It is while conducting these training sessions that we encountered the problem of assessment under the then relatively new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC). At first we simply asked teachers to innovate around it but the more we interacted with teachers, the more we understood that it was a big problem that individual teachers could not tackle by themselves.

In early 2020 we started work on an early prototype of the CBC App but then… COVID. In January 2021 though, we started showing our prototype to schools and started getting feedback. We implemented the feedback and kept going back to the teachers, culminating in our first school to sign up for the App in July 2021. We’ve never looked back since.

Everyday we continue to improve the App through listening to teachers and school administrators.

We are focused on improving the way assessment, record keeping and reporting is done under CBC. We believe that by transforming these processes of assessment, we can actually make it possible to nurture the potential of every learner as envisioned in the curriculum.

We are creating the best tools possible for Kenyan teachers and we price affordably so that the majority of schools can have access. We want to see a country where great teachers and schools are the norm rather than the exception.