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The CBC App – working for teachers in 2022

Introducing the CBC App to schools has been a game-changer for both teachers and students. The app’s learner reports feature has been particularly helpful in tracking student progress throughout the term. With this feature, teachers can see how their students perform in class activities and end-term exams, and parents can get an accurate understanding of their child’s academic performance. The app’s ease of use has made a significant impact, with many teachers noting that it has saved them time and made their work much easier.

The CBC App team is continuously working on developing new features to make teaching even more efficient. One such feature that is in the pipeline is Syllabus Coverage, which will transform how teachers plan, assess, and keep records. With more exciting things in the works, the CBC App team is excited to see what 2023 holds in store.

Management made easier by the CBC App

The CBC App is revolutionizing the way teachers and administrators operate in schools. Its simplicity and user-friendly interface make it easy for teachers to use and save a significant amount of time. The automation feature of the App has lessened the workload of teachers, allowing them to enjoy teaching again. With its comprehensive end-of-term reports, parents can have an accurate understanding of their child’s learning journey throughout the term. The CBC App has also brought cost savings to schools by eliminating the need to print end-term reports and reducing the cost of assessment books. The App has also enabled greater accountability among managers, who can now track their teachers’ work and provide proper feedback. Overall, the CBC App has received positive feedback from school administrators, teachers, and parents, making it a solid investment for any school.

Should we scrap CBC?

There is a massive debate about CBC in the country right now. There are those that think it should be scrapped and there are those that think it hasn’t been given a fair shake of the stick yet. According to Mike here, the problem is not the system but the implementation of the system.