The CBC App is priced affordably and transparently

subscription based Pricing

For Schools

A school acquires the CBC App through an annual subscription. Teachers and administrators in the school get to use the App for their day to day work. The pricing is simple and straightforward:

  • Ksh. 450 per-learner per-year
  • One-off signup fee
  • NO other hidden charges or costs

None whatsoever. Just the subscription and the signup fee that is just paid once at the beginning of the subscription period.

Yes. We arrange comprehensive demos of the CBC App with teachers and schools. These demos help teachers and school to better understand the App before making a decision to acquire it.

The CBC App is used by very large and very small schools from the pre-school level all the way to junior secondary. The App is configured according to the size and needs of the school and the CBC App team supports all schools irrespective of size.